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A document was filed in this Court enclosing a record of an interview with you and some interview notes and the declaration that we looked at earlier - the declaration that you swore saying that the contents of all these documents were true, even though we've discovered many errors in them - and the document that enclosed that interview transcript and set of interview notes claimed that you had expertise in human anatomy, injuries suffered as a consequence of the application of force to the human body, medical intervention required to treat injuries to the human body, the long-term impact of injuries and the emotional consequences of significant injury and it also referred to the emotional and long-term effects on patients of sexual violence.

Now I'm trying to understand what expertise, if any, you have in what might be called emotional medicine, and that can include either psychology, if that's properly recorded as a medical subject, and psychiatry. You have also put forward a curriculum vitae in which you say that you have acknowledged expertise in psychiatry and I'm trying to understand what this expertise in psychiatry is. You don't have expertise in psychiatry, do you? You have some experience along the lines of a general practitioner of dealing with patients who present with psychiatric problems. Would you agree with that; that it's experience, not expertise?

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