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Madam President, if it please your Honours, there is something I wanted to bring to your Honours' attention foreshadowing a possible application by us at the end of the conclusion of the witness's examination-in-chief. I have had a conference with Mr Taylor just now and it is quite likely that we will at the close of the examination-in-chief be making an application for an adjournment to commence the cross-examination for a number of logistical difficulties that we've experienced vis-a-vis our team in Monrovia and access to documents, disclosure in particular pertaining to this witness and the breadth and scope of the nature of his evidence, the time period it covers and how much legwork we still need to have done vis-a-vis his evidence. I don't know where we will be as far as receiving additional information or any information from our field officers at the end of his examination-in-chief, but at that time we might very well be making such an application. I say this so that everybody is on notice and the Prosecution may make available another witness should your Honours entertain such an application and do grant it, but it's premature at this point.

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