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Yes, Madam President. Madam President, we would join in the application. In relation to the request that today we give a definitive list of witnesses, indeed that is what had been discussed in our office and was discussed with others before lead Defence counsel made that suggestion. We do believe it would be helpful at this point today when we file what would normally be a two week list, to in fact file a list which would include the status or issues with the remaining witnesses so that everyone is aware of this. Of course to the extent that these matters are within our control we will work to our utmost to ensure smooth functioning. To the extent the issues are not within our control we will use whatever influence we can exert to move these matters along, but it would be helpful we believe to all parties for us to provide such a listing of remaining witnesses in our filing today and we do intend to do that.

The witness 579 is in the country, he is available, but were he to start on Wednesday it is our belief that he would go into next week at any rate, so we do join the Defence in their application.

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