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That is correct, Madam President. Madam President, the witness order that we had provided showed that for this week we were to have a carry over of TF1-168 and we would also have TF1-579. TF1-168 did not travel as was anticipated he would based on personal scheduling issues. TF1-579 is here. He had security issues that we were able to deal with to his final satisfaction over the weekend. Therefore TF1-579 is available to testify this week.

TF1-168 - because of the schedule of lead Defence counsel, which he gave notice of a couple of weeks ago, TF1-168 would not testify until the week of 17 November or later based on lead Defence counsel's availability. In regard to TF1-579 I did discuss this with the Defence earlier and they may need time to consult with their client before we would talk about any joint requests, so I would perhaps ask if they do need time to consult and then based on that consultation I could tell you our proposal for TF1-579.

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