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Well, two days after that Pa Sankoh came to Kakata and fortunately enough he met a good number of us around the police - I mean the MP headquarters in Kakata. He came in the convoy with Mr Taylor. He alighted and spoke to us briefly, but Mr Taylor did not talk to us. He was still seated in his own vehicle. Mr Taylor did not alight. He was still seated in his own vehicle, his own jeep. The glass - the windscreens were up when Pa Sankoh alighted and came and spoke to us. He said, "My children, my brothers, my sisters, all of us now know what the struggle is all about." He said, "You should prepare". And he, Foday Sankoh, was now saying that he was going to Gbarnga and on arriving there he said he was going to send a vehicle or a truck to pick us from Kakata. Indeed, when he went he sent the truck.

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