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When they moved from the Gbarnga area, they came to Kakata and CO Lion and others met the Pa, Pa Sankoh, and the message that Pa Sankoh gave to CO Lion was, because I was also on the radio there, so I was one of the persons who CO Lion gave the message to that Pa Sankoh had given to him. He said we should prepare that message. He said if there was any one amongst my fellow, my colleague RUF fighters around Kakata or around that area, he said I should inform that person that Pa Sankoh said we should try and prepare ourselves to go back to Sierra Leone. And he gave a date in fact. He said from the date CO Lion gave me that message, he gave us two days to assemble ourselves and from that time almost everybody was now coming on board. Those of us the RUF fighters, all of us were now coming to assemble around the police station where the NPFL police station was. That is on the highway in Kakata. That was where every one of us came, because at any time Pa Sankoh would come everybody would be able to see him.

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