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I was now in Kakata until the time the NPFL launched their Operation Octopus on Monrovia, and we were there because even though we had been there with them, and we had been scattered, but some of the Black Gadaffa units were still intact, although some of its members were on the various front lines, but a part of the people within the Black Gadaffa that I am referring to now, there was a point in time when we were in Kakata and Mr Taylor and Pa Sankoh, they moved from the Gbarnga area and they went to the front line going towards Monrovia. That was Echo Bravo. And whilst Pa Sankoh was going he left a message with CO Lion and he asked him to assemble us so that he will make us go back to Sierra Leone through Kailahun to join the other RUF fighters who were in Kailahun.

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