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Well, we were in Bomi Hills and then myself and the other fighters, the NPFL and all of us, that is what I am referring to, when the ULIMO attacked us in Bomi Hills and they captured Bomi Hills from us. So from there, when we retreated through the Maca crossing point, the next place I based was Kakata and we were in Kakata until the time Foday Sankoh came from Liberia, when Foday Sankoh came from the front line from Liberia, that is Monrovia, he came together with Mr Taylor. That was during the Operation Octopus some time in September '92, something like that, yes. Yes, I am sure. September, during Operation Octopus. When they came from the front line they met us in a formation because he left a message behind saying that because we have been now scattered all over Liberia, that is Foday Sankoh, he sent a message so that Rebel King and the others like CO Lion would put us together to go and join our other brothers in the Kailahun area to continue the arms struggle. That was the time he and Mr Taylor passed through Kakata. They were going in around the areas to Monrovia.

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