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Well, sometimes when General Degbon and others got those messages they will want to get on to the Papay, that is Foday Sankoh - General Degbon would want to get on to Pa Sankoh to give him updates about the situation. Sometimes Pa Sankoh himself would enquire things for himself. Sometimes he will enquire from General Degbon.

Because most of the commanders, for example the 1st Battalion in which I was, they had that - I was exposed to the Liberia NPFL chain of command at that time. So whenever any message came from the front line, the Sierra Leone area, that is the Pujehun area, it was General Degbon that directly updated Foday Sankoh because at that time RUF did not actually get a radio station on their own to operate its own frequency. So it was the Liberian operators who used to go to the front lines until such a time when we also joined them because by then we had been with them for some time and by then we would go with them for some time now and we share experiences together.

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