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Black Gadaffa, that was a unit, because when we were in Liberia, you know, the COs - our COs - used to refer to us as Sankoh recruit. They will say, "Sankoh recruit, come here. Can you do this for me? Sankoh recruit, can you do for that for me?" So that was when they formed that fighting unit and it was named Black Gadaffa, they did it so we will have a name other than Sankoh recruit. I don't actually know who brought the idea, but CO Kpelle Boy, who was a Liberian, was the commander for Black Gadaffa. He was the one who would come and take reinforcement from the base and he will take them over. In some cases I will remember he brought trucks and he will take men and he will go with them. At the same time, he will transport some other people to the base - other RUF fighters from the front line - and he will bring them to the base.

This same Black Gadaffa all of us were part of Black Gadaffa, but while I was there at the base there were other units that were formed. Among these units, some people were sent to the artillery unit and some other people were attached to the G2 unit and then I was attached to the signal unit.

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