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Madam President, the next witness is TF1-274. Prior to calling this witness, the Prosecution would like to make a submission with regards to this witness's protective measures. This witness was formally covered - is covered under the protective measures decision by Trial Chamber I of the Special Court for Sierra Leone of 5 July 2004. This witness was listed in the submitted annex by the Prosecution to that decision of 4 May 2004. The witness was Category C witness on that submission - the May submission - listed as number 15 in the 4 May 2004 annex.

After consultation with the witness, the Prosecution is seeking to rescind the protective measures that currently apply to this witness to allow him to testify openly. Specifically, the Prosecution is seeking to rescind of the 5 July 2004 decision provisions (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (i), except as relates - except with relations to portions (b) and (c) concerning the witness's addresses and whereabouts.

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