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Well, my brothers and sisters, I want to tell you something. There is too much corruption that we have in the African countries because anybody who came for political reasons, they will harm those of us who are the innocent ones, who do not have anything. And now my family has been collapsed, and even if I sell something to people they will not take it, and you will not even tell your child something and that child takes it seriously. And even educational-wise there is nothing. Even if I want to support I go to the street, I beg for money to support them, and not everybody will be happy for us to approach them to beg. Some people when you approach them they annoy you. Some will not even want to see you because I am in this difficult situation, I have this problem, and I had not been a beggar before. I was somebody who used to care for his family.

I would go and work, I get money, a buy a bag of rice and put it home. But now, except I go into the streets and molest myself. So if I go and beg, sometimes people give me one block. How long will I be receiving that kind of money? What will that do for me? Will that do for me? And it is only God who provides for somebody, no matter which aims you have. If God is not ready to do it for you you will not get it.

So I leave everything up to God. God is the only person who will save me, and for those of you who come and interview us, if you want to assist us, it's up to you. But for now, I am penniless, I am totally molested and even in the communities where we exist, if we go there and try to approach people to beg them, some people even fear us and certain things we used to do for ourselves we cannot do them again. The situation is difficult and I have --

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