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Yes, he said he saw him. He said he was dressed in white. He said there was a convoy that went with him and he himself was sitting in the vehicle. He said the last group that came from the rear, he said when they entered the town they stopped and they alighted the vehicle and he said the few civilians who were in town they were asking them. He said, "Where did you see them pass through with Johnny Paul here?", and one old woman came out and said, "I saw them moving towards this direction on board the vehicles", and he said the woman was shot.

They later boarded the vehicles again and he said they moved a bit and later they alighted again and again they said they asked those other people again, "Where did you see these people passing through with Johnny Paul?" He said one other lady came outside and told them, "We saw the vehicles moving towards this direction", and they also shot that woman. He said he only collected those things that he could immediately get at and he also ran into the bush.

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