The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Well let me outline the following scenario to you and, given that you were someone constantly listening to the radio, you might be able to help me. What I'm going to suggest is that following Sankoh's arrest there was a vacuum in the leadership of the RUF and the ECOWAS group of five, anxious to carry on with the peace agreement, invited Issa and others to a meeting in Monrovia attended by Obasanjo, the Nigerian President, Alpha Konare, the President of Mali and the then chair of the ECOWAS Committee of Five, Yaya Jammeh, the President of Gambia, Eyadema, the President of Togo, and of course this man Charles Taylor, and it was those five leaders who suggested that Issa Sesay take over as interim leader in order to continue the peace process. Now, does that account ring any bells with you?

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