The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

If I might be permitted? As I was proceeding with this I pulled out Annex A to the Defence response and I was going to go ahead with MFI-1, a letter "To: The Leader" and "From: Jackson Swaray", and the Defence attached a checklist where they checked what their objection is. They have a box for "Already produced". They haven't checked that. They have a box for "Not sufficiently significant". They haven't checked that. Their objection is that it's cumulative and then they cite the fact that there is some other evidence in the record already about this. Then finally their last box is "Anonymous or hearsay" and in this case they haven't objected to that. So we are prepared to argue whether it's cumulative or not. Obviously, the standard is whether it's unduly cumulative. Based on this objection it seems to me that the document should be admitted.

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