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The media began to be suffocated. It began to lose its life. It began to lose its agility, its liveliness. Now one reason I said yes was that the Liberian media had become used generally to being able to report what it wanted to. That was beginning 1990, when Dr Amos Claudius Sawyer became interim President. From that point on, interim administrations generally were tolerant of what was written in the media. There were occasions where, you know, there were frictions here and there, but generally they were tolerant. So this is July and August and the freedom of expression that the Liberian media had been accustomed to was still alive by the time Mr Charles Taylor was elected President. So its life - it was still full of zeal. People were - journalists were still excited about the prospect of press freedom continuing even after the elections of President Taylor. But of course that was not to happen, as we began to learn very soon.

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