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Counsel, I have pointed out a difference between the phrase always in constant contact and the word, the phrase frequent contact. Now, I'm saying that one is like, the first one, frequent contact, in my understanding, is like not - you know, whether there was human rights abuses going on or not we were still, we would remain in contact, but that was not the case as far as this is concerned, and as far as your question was concerned, you asked me a specific question and I did answer the specific question. This one has to do with me explaining the difference between these two phrases which I have done. One numerical - is numerical in my opinion and one is not. So this was more of being seasonal than being numerical. At a particular time the contact were constant. At a particular - but it was not con - it was not frequent, like, you know, like regular. So there is a difference there and I'm very much confident that, you know, you, counsel, can tell the difference between constancy and frequency.

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