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The phrase "always in constant contact" in this particular context is meant to be whenever there were arrests I would remain in contact with them regarding what they know and what I know, and I do remember this is specifically referring to the arrests and torture of certain gentlemen, a William Jabbi and a guy called Donso. So there were instances. There were instances, say for example in 2000 the arrest of a Leo Jabatti at the border with Guinea in Ganta, Nimba County, and during that period I was in constant contact with the human rights officer. Then there was another time, 1998, the arrest of a Leo Donso and William Jabbi during that period. So the constancy in this case was what I would refer to as like seasonal. Whenever there was an issue going on regarding human rights abuse, regarding big situations, we would remain in contact and share opinions on that, but it didn't mean --

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