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I'm referring to the leader of the NPFL, Mr Charles Ghankay Taylor, said on the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, that because Sierra Leone had accepted to host ECOMOG, the Economic Community Monitoring Group, a military group that had expressed its intention to stabilise and - destabilise the war in Liberia and separate the warring factions, that because Sierra Leone had agreed to do that he would attack Sierra Leone and that he would make Sierra Leone to taste the war.

So, in that respect there is a difference. The Presidents of Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso did not admit publicly. The leader of the NPFL in his capacity as the NPFL did in fact announce that and, of course, I heard that and he made that clear to me when he became President in his statements and in his actions. This is after July 1997. So the conceptual difference there is that the NPFL leader Charles Taylor had conceived this idea as far back as the early '90s and he followed through with it after he became President of the Republic of Liberia. So that's the major difference there that I see.

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