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That is a complete misrepresentation of the fact, counsel, and that statement is diametrically opposed to what the situation was. This is the fact: Mandingos prior to 24 December 1989 war were generally traders, business people. They were mechanics, taxi drivers, small business owners, you know, basically in the fabric of the economy in that way. They weren't in any way plenty in the - you know, represented largely in the military. It was after the war started that some asked their children to join the military since in their subjective views it was Mandingos who were being persecuted along with the Gio and there is, counsel, a history behind that.

So to answer your question more directly, Mandingos were not - they probably constituted the lowest percentage of the military if you took it on an ethnic basis. They didn't have interests in the military, they didn't have interests in education. The only interest they had was purely --

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