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Fine. The United States ambassador, along with a few US embassy officials, went to the NBI prison compound. The Liberian defence minister at the time Daniel Chea, C-H-E-A, was there, the director of the National Bureau of Investigation at the time was Freddy Taylor because he had been - he had swapped position with the then director of the NBI, so he had moved from NSA to NBI, Freddy Taylor. Benjamin Yeaten, with a number of other Liberian government officials and security personnel. So what happened, the United States ambassador and his charge, John Blaney, actually was there to make sure that I was released so I was handed to him. I was taken out of prison and he brought some change of clothing for me because I didn't have the opportunity to take anything. That is he, the ambassador. Put in a car which was in a convoy - the ambassador remained in his own car, I was put in a military pick-up truck, with several other cars - we drove from the prison compound, the prison compound, to Robertsfield, to the airport. So it wasn't like I was handed over to him and he says, "Okay, let's go. I am taking you now." No. The Liberian - I asked the ambassador at the airport, I said, "But why are these government officials with me, Daniel Chea, ministers and other people?" He said, "Well, the Liberian government had instructed that they make sure they witness your physical departure." So I was then handed over to him for - handed over to him like - that is why I said - that is my description of what happened.

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