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Well, let me just put it in this context. In 2003 - 2004, 2003/2004 I guess, the United States Cable News Network, CNN, based in Atlanta Georgia, United States, requested an interview with me, which is on the internet, I can look it up. Amongst the things they asked me was if I thought that President Charles Taylor had connection of any form with any terrorist organisation; for example, like Al-Qaeda. So my answer, which I do not believe is relevant to your question and/or to the Court, prompted the FBI, a guy called - I am not sure the name is relevant either, contacted me that they wanted to speak with me. That was the first contact.

The second contact was in the case of President Taylor's son, Chucky, in Miami, Florida, United States of America. I had been asked too if I remember or if I thought the accounts of one of the victims was accurate by the FBI and the Justice Department, the FBI and the DHS, that is the Department of Homeland Security, and I thought I was obligated to tell the truth.

The victim in question was someone who was held along with me in Klay in that underground cell and he was held with me in Foya towards the Sierra Leonean border. This victim had been - a pressing iron had been used by the accused, hot pressing iron, to mark his body. So I felt obligated. And I saw the marks, he was held with me in Klay - in Klay, Bomi County, and Foya, upper Lofa County. I felt obligated as a human being first to tell the truth. So the FBI contacted me and the Department of Homeland Security also contacted me since the Justice Department was pursuing the case against Mr Charles Emmanuel Taylor, you know. So, yes, there was a contact. So those are the contexts in which I have had contact with agencies of the United States government.

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