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The witness is certainly not being asked an opinion and the witness is certainly not being asked what was actually happening in Sierra Leone. The witness was simply being asked for a factual observation based on his position as a journalist and an editor in Monrovia as to what was being reported in the newspapers. Whether or not what was being - the underlying issue in the newspaper is not what is being asked, the underlying facts of those reports. What is being asked is what was actually being reported and what was it. And there is a distinction and this, when the question is posed this way, it is asking for a factual observation which this witness is in a perfect position to give.

He is - certainly the foundation of him as a journalist has been established, his familiarity with the various periodicals in Monrovia at the time has been established, and he is simply being asked what was being reported in those respective periodicals. He is not being asked for whether or not what was happening in Sierra Leone and there is a distinction.

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