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Benjamin Yeaten will ask Joe Towah in my presence, "Has he said anything yet?" And Joe Towah will say no. Then he will tell Joe Towah, "So you are being very easy on this guy. I need him to say - to talk something because I need to report back to the President to tell him exactly what he said. The President, you know, is impatient with this slow train of events."

And then at some point they would take me out of the building to the back of the building and they will take a prisoner. Behind the building it's like if I stood here and the building was running parallel to my line of standing, the back of the building which would run perpendicular to that line, to my line of sight, behind there they will shoot - pretend as if they were killing somebody. At some point I will hear, because I didn't see if they actually shot and killed those people or not, and then they will come back to me and say, "Well, do you want to follow these guys, this guy we've just sent to hell? If you don't speak, we are going to do exactly what we did to you." When they fired, the person will yell, "Oh, you've killed me. You've killed me."

You know, that psychological stuff would happen to me several times to make me to say what they wanted to hear. So I know firsthand that Benjamin Yeaten instructed and said also that he wanted to report back to the President because the President was impatient with the slow train of events.

So he said that in English, which I heard, and I also do know that he gave specific instructions to beat and tie-bay me and put me back in the hole. And these kind of interrogations happened at least - at least - 20 times that I recall. At least 20 times during my stay at Klay.

As well as this, there were times that Benjamin Yeaten --

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