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Yes, I am still talking about Klay. And the underground cell was half filled with water. And at this particular place there were Sierra Leoneans with the Liberian government soldiers, a lot of them. I know that because I know the discrete difference between Sierra Leonean English, which is general - which is Krio, and the Liberian English. So I could tell the difference and I did on occasions have the opportunity to speak with some of them and they admitted that they were Sierra Leoneans and I also did see someone that I had previously reported on, Gibril Massaquoi, who told me personally - he is a Sierra Leonean. He told me that - he asked me when torturing me if I knew the meaning of Gibril and I said yes, because I understand Arabic. I said it means Gabriel. He said, "Okay, I'm your Angel Gabriel. I have been instructed by Joseph Tate to make you to talk." So there were several of them in there. So in their presence --

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