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I was - in terms of torture or beating, no. But the previous day - I mean the following day there was another prisoner in a room facing my room who I will later know as BS Kapor Junior. Kapor is spelt as K-A-P-O-R. So BS Kapor Junior. He asked me if I were Hassan and I told him yes. He said, "Wow, you're in big trouble." I'm not sure if what led to his being there is necessary to this case, but he told me that, "Well, if you're here you're probably not going to get tortured, but if you get out of here you're probably going to see the worst."

So I stayed there for about two weeks and was later taken out of there at night, blindfolded, to a place in Caldwell, C-A-L-D-W-E-L-L, Monrovia, to a police station called Zone 7 and the police commander there was called - was referred to as CO-7. CO meaning commanding officer 7. That's all the name I know about him. I stayed there for a while. I wasn't physically tortured there, but I was, however, placed in what I found to be a toilet because there were faeces all over the floor and maggots and - yeah. Do you want me to continue?

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