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So once we got to the offices of The Analyst newspaper the doors were locked, it is a metal door, the door was locked and they forced the door open and went into the office and searched for what they referred to as pieces of evidence. They find - they found pictures of the LURD leader, Sekou Damate Conneh, they found pictures of Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, current President, Republic of Liberia, they found pictures of Alhaji Kromah, they found pictures of Dr Amos Sawyer, all Liberian, they found picture of Bishop Michael Kpakala Francis and many others, so these people were people that the Government of Liberia had been insinuating to the Liberian people as being enemies to hate - hate the Liberian government. And they were instantly excited. They said, "Well, these are all enemies of the government so why are you keeping these pictures here?", these are the police and ATU officers. And I said, "Well, we are newspaper people. When we report the story we need to put if possible a face to that story. Say, for example, if we reported a story about President Bill Clinton we would place his picture there so people know that this is President Clinton, and then at that moment they found the picture of President Charles Taylor, and I said, "Okay, there you go. This is it. That is what we do. Journalists, we keep everybody's picture when possible". They didn't find any implicating evidence. They found my bag and they found my chequebook in the bag and they found other personal documents, like receipts for purchasing some goods in stores in Liberia that belonged to me, they found receipt of my son's hospital bill because I had taken him to hospital earlier the previous day, which was 24th.

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