The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

After the interrogation Mr Taylor - President Taylor, I am sorry - asked Benjamin Yeaten, he held various positions so he was the director of the SSS, that is the Special Security Service, the presidential bodyguard, he was at some point head of the Anti-Terrorist Unit, the ATU, so, and at some time he was considered the overall general of the military in terms with regards to the war. So I would simply refer to him as Benjamin Yeaten. He asked that I be turned over to Benjamin Yeaten who he said will make me speak the truth since I did not want to speak to him regarding what he considered the truth. From that point I was dragged out of the office, out of his - that meeting room at his home in Congo Town, Monrovia, and he specifically instructed - as a journalist I carried a kind of black bag, a shoulder bag, and he said they should go and find that bag that I carried and that he thought there were more pieces of evidence --

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