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That's correct, Madam President. We do have a witness who is waiting. However, before we do call the next witness I would ask that we be allowed to deal with some evidentiary matters that arose in the testimony of TF1-023. You may recall this was a witness who was called for cross-examination, it was a 92 bis witness, on 22 October 2008.

In addition to the transcript of the witness's prior testimony in the Brima et al case, the AFRC case, there were three exhibits connected with that prior testimony. They were marked for identification as MFI-2, MFI-3 and MFI-4. When they were tendered by the Prosecution issues arose as to the legibility of those exhibits. The one that was marked MFI-2, had been exhibit P-1 in the AFRC case. MFI-3 had been exhibit P-2 and MFI-4 had been exhibit P-3. CMS has obtained the original exhibits which were filed in the AFRC case and has provided the Prosecution and the Defence with copies of those originals, each one with a cover sheet indicating the exhibit number in the AFRC case.

So at this time I would ask that the Court Attendant provide MFI-2, 3 and 4, the originals that she has, for admission, first showing them to the Defence and then providing them to you, Madam President. Then one by one I would ask that they be admitted into evidence.

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