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Thank you.

We have noted the Prosecution comments. Obviously the Prosecution has not closed its case as yet, but the matters raised by Ms Hollis are matters that are appropriate to a status conference. We consider that in the light of the outstanding motions it is premature at this stage to consider those matters.

However, what we propose to do is this. We will need to dispose of the outstanding motions and we will need time to do so. As I have already mentioned, the Prosecution motions in relation to 89(C)-92 bis are 11 in number and now that the Appeals Chamber has delivered its decision we have now got a clear way to dispose of those motions. Nevertheless, as the parties are aware, some of the documentation is voluminous and we are going to need time. There are also other important interlocutory motions that need to be decided.

What we are going to do is adjourn this case to enable us to attend to those matters. We will adjourn this case until Thursday of next week, which is Thursday 19 February, and on that date we are hoping to be able to appoint a status conference.

In other words, we will adjourn the case until 19 February. It will be for mention only and we are hopeful that at the end of that adjournment it will be appropriate to fix a status conference for the following week and our order for that will include an agenda. So, adjourned until 19 February for mention only.

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