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Mr President, first of all, I am somewhat in the dark as to the last comment made by my learned friend in that depending on the outcome of the outstanding 92 bis motions there may well be need for the Prosecution to call a witness to deal with the admission of those documents. I don't know whether the Prosecution is saying they will not call any more witnesses even to introduce these documents, or whether they are saying they will seek the admission of those documents by another means.

Now, the bottom line is this. We feel that any discussion regarding any proposed 98 submission is somewhat premature in that firstly the Prosecution case has not yet closed and, secondly, as a consequence we don't know what the final shape of the case we have to meet is. It seems to us that no final decision can be made by us as to that topic until the Prosecution formally close their case, so consequently we feel that it's much too early to be contemplating those kinds of matters.

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