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Yes, thank you, Mr Anyah. Well, the next step obviously is for the Court to deliver its decision on the Defence's Rule 98 motion. We have given some thought to an appropriate date for delivery of that decision and that date is influenced by two considerations: Firstly, as you know, tomorrow is the beginning of Easter and the Trial Chamber is taking an Easter recess up to and including 24 April, so our first day back will be 27 April.

Now, the other consideration is that before the Trial Chamber can decide the issues raised by the parties it is important that we have the Appeals Chamber's decision on the Defence appeal of the Trial Chamber's majority decision on the pleading of joint criminal enterprise. Now, we anticipate that that will probably be delivered by the Appeals Chamber in the near future but, nevertheless, it is something that must be considered before we reach our decision on the Rule 98 motion.

Now, taking those factors into account, we have decided that we will need a week after resuming duties on 27 April so that we will deliver our decision on the Defence's motion pursuant to Rule 98 on Monday, 4 May at 9.30 a.m.

Now, upon delivery of that decision, the Trial Chamber, if appropriate and after hearing the parties, will fix a date for the commencement of the Defence case.

Unless there are any other matters, we will adjourn until 4 May.

Madam Court Officer, adjourn the Court, please.

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