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Most certainly, Mr President. As to Count 1, burning, relating to Goderich, Kent, Grafton and Tumbo itself, we would refer the Trial Chamber to confidential exhibit P284, to the evidence of TF1-360 at page 3213 to 3214; TF1-334 at page 8328, 8332; TF1-585 at pages 15725 to 15730. In addition for Tumbo, TF1-097 gave evidence of burning and killing at page 18560 to 18561 and 18563 to 18567.

In relation to Wendedu Counts 1, 2 and 3, we would refer you to TF1-015 at pages 722 to 723 and 736 and we would also refer you to TF1-217 at page 19398 to 19399. In terms of Bomboa fuidu, Counts 2 and 3, we would refer you to TF1-192 at pages 3963 to 3969 and Prosecution exhibit 202, prior transcript pages 19670, 19679 to 19681. In relation to Kaima or Kayima, Counts 7 and 8, we would refer you to Prosecution exhibit 191 at pages 18552 to 18559 of the prior transcript and to exhibit P-192 and confidential exhibit P-193.

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