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In Tripoli, Libya, and what they were trying to do at this particular time, I understand they assisted him in training Liberians to go to Sierra Leone to invade, and in return what they were using was Black Kadaffa. Now that Sankoh had gone in they had some Sierra Leoneans that they were using on our side of the border in the Bong Mines area as Black Kadaffa to counter-attack me.

This is when we arrested all of them. So Anthony Mekunagbe was tried. He was in jail, he died. Degbon behind Black Kadaffa was also tried, convicted and executed but it was at this particular time that we as the authority got the information that in fact Anthony Mekunagbe, Oliver Varney, Timothy Mulibah and the rest of them, Degbon had assisted a gentleman called Foday Sankoh in going across into Sierra Leone.

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