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Sent back to his post as commander in Lofa. Now, subsequent to that, as we develop at around - I would put it to about April/May or thereabouts of 1991 as I - and this is almost the middle of 1991 - as I move into Gbarnga, don't let's forget in March there is an attack on Sierra Leone. This attack is this famous attack that goes across the border.

Now, there is one thing I am not sure if this is the time that we have not talked about, this rise in - at least we haven't talked about the composition of the NPFL forces, and I am sure you will get to that, but this attack occurs in Sierra Leone in March. There are allegations on the air that most of the people are quote/unquote NPFL forces. We are denying these allegations because in fact we know nothing about it, but the news finally breaks as we arrest these people around about May, I will call it, of 1991 on the Black Kadaffa situation. We get to know that Anthony Mekunagbe had been working with a Sierra Leonean called Foday Sankoh that were friends with them on the base and --

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