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No, Cooper Miller was not executed. As a matter of fact, Cooper Miller was not with us. After some time the INPFL somewhere in - if I am right, somewhere in 1991 Cooper Miller had joined the INPFL and in combat at the INPFL base in Caldwell, that is C-A-L-D-W-E-L-L, Cooper Miller was killed in combat.

So I guess what Moses was referring to here is that he is dead, but he is not one of those that had any trouble with me after we left this place. He was not with the NPFL as we came in. Cooper Miller was one of those troublemakers that we had incarcerated during the early part of the revolution that went into Monrovia via Lagos, Nigeria, and flew in and was a part of Prince Johnson but he was never executed by Prince or me. He died in combat at the base.

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