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Without a doubt. Without a doubt. And I acted, and because we were experiencing problems we had to act almost immediately in a particular way. And what we did, after we realised that these Special Forces were behaving in this way, and we were getting reports that some of the other troublemakers from Libya, that is, the Oliver Varneys and Degbon, without my knowledge or consent, were putting together some group. On the other side, intelligence were coming called Black Kadaffa. I then knew that we were about - that is K-A-D-A-F-F-A they call, or F-F-Y, and when we got to know that Oliver Varney, Degbon, these are all in the transcripts, your Honour, were involved in some activities on that side I then knew that I was headed for trouble. So there was trouble beginning to mount at that particular time.

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