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That is correct. Anthony Mekunagbe, after he was arrested for our investigation had, along with some Sierra Leonean soldiers, gotten involved in a looted property deal where they had sold some properties to the Sierra Leonean side and payment was not forthcoming, and Anthony Mekunagbe attacked the Sierra Leonean soldiers on the border for the property.

That came to my attention and my good friend President Momoh. We exchanged information on this. Momoh got upset, ordered the Sierra Leonean forces to come inside Liberia. In fact the Sierra Leonean armed forces came near Foya. We drove them back and Momoh and I, using our intermediary Prince Barclay, were able to bring that situation under control and I arrested Anthony Mekunagbe. I punished him. In fact he was in confinement for a short while, released and sent back to his assignment. This is in January of 1991.

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