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Well, they would mete out punishment to soldiers without having to follow the regular chain. No commander has a right to, on his own, take harsh measures against a soldier. If a soldier has done something they knew wrong, he could remove him from that unit and send him to face a court martial board, but he could not - what some of them were doing, some of the junior commandos did something wrong, they would flog them as they - I mean, that was unacceptable.

So they were really beginning to really what we say in the African way, they were beginning to grow wings and this is evident by certain things that had happened where they were beginning to get rotten by getting involved in some minor looting. We had to weed those Special Forces out.

There is a famous, a very terrible incident that happened where this gentleman, one of the individuals from Libya that had caused the trouble, Anthony Mekunagbe, was really, really, really - he was becoming outrageous and had actually carried on some looting and firing at the Sierra Leonean border in January.

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