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Well, I don't want to lose the Court. I begin in Gborplay. As we move forward I move my headquarters - I moved from Gborplay to Tappita. After Tappita, after - in May when Buchanan is captured, secured, people move forward, I then move on to Buchanan. By the time in July we have surrounded Monrovia and all this stuff is going on, Harbel is under full control, I move into Harbel.

Now, we are now coming toward the end of 1990, but because of this situation that occurred in The Gambia where they have put this Sawyer man over Monrovia and we used to call him the President of Monrovia, the NPFL at that particular time sat with our senior military and civilian personnel and decided that they were not ready, they were not serious, that we would put into place a government. And we decided on that government. The name was supposed to be the National Patriotic Reconstruction Assembly Government, NPRAG. And it was decided then that we would establish a headquarters. And because the war was still going on there were arguments about making Buchanan the headquarters, about making Harbel the headquarters. But it was decided that Gbarnga would be used as the headquarters and that all regions that were under our control would use a typical system of - I really wouldn't call that election. I would call it of selecting an assembly that will convene in Gbarnga, establish ministries and agencies of government, the NPRAG government that will seek and secure the welfare of those that were then called by the name of Greater Liberia.

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