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So we demand that we lead that government and that we would permit others - we would bring everybody on board, but we had to lead that government. And what is that predicated on?

We are aware in the back of our minds that the whole attempt of bringing ECOMOG in Liberia at that time is to stop us because of this theory that permitting us would cause the destabilisation of the entire West Africa.

We now agree that a meeting will be further held in The Gambia, in the capital. We agree that we would attend the meeting in The Gambia. We - a date is set. We send our delegates to this meeting. We are represented at that meeting by two individuals. We are represented by Mr Tom Woweiyu that I mentioned, and the gentleman that is not in court this afternoon Lavalie Supuwood. To our surprise they get to the airport and they are arrested. They are stopped.

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