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Doe had explained to me that as a young man in the Armed Forces of Liberia, during those years I was in exile and had not started this situation, he had some problems with a Lebanese merchant in Monrovia and was taken to court. There was a system in Liberia called the LPA, the Legal Power of Attorney. What that was, during the course of the month you could go to a Lebanese store and pick up little provisions for your family and you will sign an IOU note. He would take your money at the end of the month, but that had to be in line with the dispersing officer of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

So young Doe had a problem where the Lebanese man has seized his cheque on a couple of occasions. This time he manoeuvred and got the cheque before the Lebanese man and he took him to court. And my father was the presiding judge in this case and so my father just told the Lebanese man, "Listen, I am not going to send this young soldier to jail because he managed to get some money." He said, "He will pay you the next time so we are going to accept that" and gave him time to pay and Doe remembered it, but he didn't really know that that was my father until some time later - I can remember I we are sitting in his office talking about - he said "But Taylor is your father in Monrovia?" I said, "Yes." He said "Where is he?" I say, "He is across the street" and by across the street I mean the mansion, the Temple of Justice the courthouse in Monrovia is not too far from the mansion. I said, "He is the judge over there." I said "Judge Taylor." He said, "No, Judge Taylor?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Judge Taylor is your father?" I said, "Yes." He said, "No, no, no, is it Judge Taylor?" I said, "That is my father." He said "What?" Then he, Doe, explained the story to me, and Said, "Your father saved me before. Is he doing fine?" He said, "Go and bring him to me." And I went across and brought my father to his office. So he knew him very well.

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