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By this time the NPFL was not just well armed, but we had grown very intensively in numbers. We are talking now in or around July/August of 1990. Because ECOMOG comes in in August. We have captured all or most of the arms, ammunition and armament of the Armed Forces of Liberia from Naama. Remember I told this Court that Camp Naama was the main artillery base.

We had captured Camp Naama. We had backtracked. The soldiers ran away from Gbarnga, I mentioned to the Court, and Ganta and left their principal equipment - I mean equipment. In Ganta they had left what you call a BM-40. Now what a BM-40 is, this is a 40 tube multi-launcher rocket vehicle. It is called a BM-40. With most of the armament. At Camp Naama we had captured close to two dozen American-made 105 Howitzer guns. Howitzer, I think it's H-O-W-I-T-Z-E-R. Howitzer gun. With all of the armaments. These artillery pieces can fire I think a distance of about 20 kilometres or more depending on I think some other military factors. We had those plus all of the armaments.

We had another American-made recoilless rifle gun, it is a 106 millimetre cannon. It is a recoilless rifle. What I mean by recoilless, it fires I think I would say - I would put it to about three kilometres or more, but it is a gun that would sit practically on this table, lock it a little bit and it could fire without a massive push back. It was a very mobile type gun that you could mount on a jeep or whatnot. In fact it is used extensively, at least before, by the United States military because they - and let me clear this up before I misquote it. I am not saying that the United States gave us these weapons. The United States always trained and armed the Armed Forces of Liberia. That is how these weapons got there. We captured tonnes of that.

The Armed Forces of Liberia at the time use the US M16 rifles. We captured thousands of M16 rifles, plus their ammunition. We also captured large amounts of United States 81 milli mortar guns. We also captured a very large mortar, military people will know, it is called the 4.2 deuce mortar.

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