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Please find out. Sir, Dawda Jawara the President of The Gambia is then the sitting chairman of ECOWAS. This is still during the administration of the elder Bush. So Dawda Jawara, hearing of this problem, and this I must attribute to him, a theory was developed that the revolution in Liberia is about to destabilise West Africa. I guess he could have drawn this experience from his own encounter with the gentleman I have mentioned here before, Kukoi Samba Sanyang as leading the problems in The Gambia. And so discussions are going on. There is no real consultation but discussions between and amongst states are going on. Nigeria is involved, but more than Nigeria Ghana, and a decision is taken to try to intervene but all along we object. The NPFL is objecting to their intervention at that time.

Now, crucial to this objection is this: At this time the President of Nigeria is Ibrahim Babangida. Now, again the Court will have to help me with Babangida. He was President of Nigeria. I am sorry, your Honours, I am not as good as some of the other spellers, but I know the details.

Babangida has developed a very, very close relationship with Samuel Doe. He is supplying arms and ammunition to Doe. They are good friends. Babangida is contacted by Jawara, Rawlings is still the President of Ghana. I at this time have no dealings with Ghana. As you know, I am arrested. I am out of Ghana.

This revolution now is being led by us, but I can almost say with certainty that Rawlings is concerned because this Marxist group with the Sawyers and the Tipotehs of this word and the Commany Wisseh are based in Ghana, and remember I have been arrested because I was in a way disrupting what they were about to do.

So, Ghana has interests in the intervention of ECOMOG, but Nigeria is drawn in because of their relationship with Doe. We then object. We see Nigeria's involvement because Nigeria is known as the powerhouse of West Africa. We see Nigeria's involvement as a way of holding and keeping Doe in power, so we object and we say: If ECOMOG troops arrive we will attack them because this is a backdoor way of keeping Doe in power. You understand me?

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