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One of the things that was said to me by secretary Cohen, and secretary Cohen has written extensively, he has a book published and these facts can be verified in his book. Secretary Cohen has said to me that: Look, this has to end. If and when you capture Roberts International Airport - now Roberts International Airport is in Harbel and there is the Firestone plantation in Harbel, the airport is in Harbel but the airport remained a strategic position for the Government of Liberia still under Samuel Doe and not far from the airport is this military barracks right down the road called Camp Schefflein. So Camp Schefflein is the barracks that is used to protect Roberts International Airport. So it is heavily defended by the government. Heavily defended. This is the only place that the government has to bring in its arms and ammunition to continue the war.

Secretary Cohen says to me: If and when the NPFL captures Roberts International Airport we will know the war is over and the United States will convince Doe to step down and leave the country. This is what he said; it's in his book. He told me that. And when we captured Roberts International Airport shortly thereafter what happened was that Doe then was pressured and he was trying to leave the country.

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