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Herman Cohen comes into the bush on the border at a different area now. He comes into an area called Loguato, that's on the map, in a little town just outside of Loguato called Duanplay to ask me and in fact to deliver a message to me, secretary Cohen came in the bush to deliver a message to me that it was the desire of the United States government that I not attack the city of Monrovia because there were close to a million citizens in the city and to attack the city would result to massive loss of life.

And because we had captured Grand Cape Mount County, I explained to the Court not only had we - the encirclement of Monrovia means that we had come across and captured - I mentioned Lofa, Grand Cape Mount and Bomi.

He secondly asked that we open a humanitarian corridor between Monrovia through Cape Mount to the Sierra Leonean border that citizens that wanted to leave could leave. We accepted. That's why we did not take Monrovia. We felt that it was a reasonable request and we accepted not to storm Monrovia.

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