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Okay. We take this bush road here and attack Buchanan. We capture Buchanan. We do not advance behind to Grand Gedeh. From Buchanan we work our way all the way up to the town of Kakata. So we move from Buchanan. We begin to fight. This is - right here is Roberts international airport and we move and we capture the town of Kakata, putting Harbel, which is the Firestone rubber plantation, in our control area.

If you look, your Honours, further to your left there is that town - the military barracks - of Camp Schefflein right here. We do not go in that direction. We do not attack Schefflein. It's too strong. But we go up to Kakata, capture Kakata, station a major force there and begin to work our way backward to Gbarnga and backward to Ganta, joining now the full control of Nimba County and this entire area that involves Nimba, Bong, here is Margibi, this entire area. So we in effect have captured the very centre of the country.

Doe forces that are in Grand Gedeh are cut off from Monrovia so we can fight them. Monrovia is still on that side, but we are dead centre and there can be no connection between the troops of the Armed Forces of Liberia. This is what happened.

By this time, that's in May, we move to Kakata and push further toward Monrovia. We go on down to the town of - where is Careysburg? We come all the way here to Careysburg and then come near Monrovia and then we stop. We do not attack Camp Schefflein. It's a major military post and we don't touch it, but we just spread out.

By this time in 1990 we get to Gbarnga. From Gbarnga we then started moving our troops toward the Lofa angle, but we crossed the St Paul River, we come into this Belle Yella area and attack this Bomi/Cape Mount area. So by July we have encircled Monrovia, but we have already now penetrated and we have captured most of Lofa and Cape Mount. So what has happened in effect by July, Monrovia is totally encircled from the Bomi/Cape Mount side all the way back up to the town of Tappita. That's the situation as of July.

In August of 1990, this is when ECOMOG, the West African peacekeeping forces, come into Liberia and meet us and we begin fighting the ECOMOG and there is a reason for that.

By September of 1990 Samuel Doe is killed. He is killed a month after the ECOMOG forces get into the country in September. By that time he had done some terrible things in Monrovia. The UN compound had been raided, somewhat earlier than July.

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