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Now, remember we enter at Gbutuo and begin to expand. We come, your Honours, all the way, we capture the town of Tappita. If you look coming right where I'm pointing is the town of Tappita.

Now this is important here, because behind Tappita if you look going westward is Grand Gedeh. Grand Gedeh is the home county of Samuel Doe and there was a major military position here, but there is only one road into Grand Gedeh in and one road out and that is that road coming through Tappita that goes on - if you watch it, we don't have good roads in Liberia. From Tappita the next road you have to go up to Ganta before you go to Monrovia.

Now, we captured Tappita and take this forest route that you see I'm going through here. I'm not sure if the judges are seeing this. Are you?

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