The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Well, the first part is similar to the document we just saw before. Right away we want to tell them that: Look, this is no Marxist-Leninist operation. So we're going to just be, in other words, pro you. The second part of this is the pan-African wing of this that: Look, we are part of you, but we are not your little child. We want to be able to take care - for you to help us to take care of ourselves. We are tired of having to come to you respectfully to beg for a little money here, a little food here. We are looking at a process now where, in the old saying, you would teach us to grow our food instead of just giving us. We are tired with your handouts and treating us like your little children. We want to be looked at with some respect as a sovereign nation. We want you as our friend, we want you as our ally but we don't want you treating us as though we are on your plantations. This is what we are actually getting at here.

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