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Well, let me probably give the Court some information. There are four groupings in Liberia that speak different languages but practically understand each other. I will name them. One is called the Kru. The other is called the - that's K-R-U. The second is called the Sapo, that's S-A-P and some say P-P-O. The third grouping you have the Grebos, that's G-R-E-B-O-S, and then you have the Krahn.

Now, close to the Krahn are the Sapos that speak the same language. So, as an extension of the Krahn ethnic group at that particular time the Sapos stopped calling themselves Sapos and started calling themselves Krahns. So we are talking about an extension of the Krahn Sapos. The Grebos did not join the Krahn in that way, neither did the Kru, but we are mostly talking about the Sapos and the Krahns.

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